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Thomas Goetze

Oregon Broker

In 1984, Thomas Goetze made the bold move from Germany to California, establishing himself as a building contractor specializing in residential renovations. Over three decades, he successfully managed a thriving construction company. His expertise extended beyond construction, leading him to invest in real estate, acquiring various commercial properties.

In 2021, Thomas and his wife relocated to Columbia County, Oregon, marking a new chapter. His interest in building and improving homes evolved into a passion for buying and selling real estate. Thomas, adept at identifying properties with untapped potential,
undertakes strategic renovations to enhance their value. His portfolio includes an office building in Washington, showcasing his commitment to diversification.

Thomas Goetze's story is one of resilience and vision, from an immigrant with a dream to a seasoned entrepreneur shaping spaces and building futures. His journey embodies the American spirit of hard work and the pursuit of opportunities, establishing him as a profesisional in both residential renovations and real estate.

Real Estate Agent

Aaron Majors

Oregon Principal Broker

Thank you for visiting my profile! My name is Aaron Majors, and I am the Owner and Managing Principal Broker at Majors Real Estate.
I was born and raised in Alaska and after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps I came to Portland to visit in 1999 and ended up staying. My interest in real estate began shortly after and I got my real estate license in 2003.
At first my focus was on residential real estate, and I worked with some of the biggest names in Portland real estate. Thanks to my mentors, role-models, and determination I was able to hone my skills in negotiations and home marketing that not only stood the test of time but thrived when the market crashed in 2008.
Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to specialize in different areas of expertise and I was successful in a wide array of niches. This included but was not limited to home / condo re-sales, new construction, land development, foreclosures, bank owned homes, business sales, commercial buildings, mixed-use, and multi-family properties.
I made education important throughout my career. I focused on career advancement, continued education and expert training all to expand my skill set as a real estate professional. I became addicted to learning. One of my proudest moments was when I received my Principal Broker’s license in 2008. Today, I hold more designations and certifications than most Realtors.
It was after 13 years, four major real estate firms, listing countless homes and 1000’s of hours learning the systems and skills from the most knowledgeable people in the real estate industry that I took the next step in my life and started my own company in 2016.
Soon after I started the company, I brought on and managed the Transworld Business Advisors of Portland team. I went through an intensive training program at Transworld Business Advisors’ Corporate Headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida and this led me on the path of selling businesses and commercial real estate.
Fast forward to today, and I’m still doing what I love! I look forward to negotiating, navigating, and closing the deal. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the opportunities I have had in real estate so that I can be a better Real Estate Agent for you. My goal is to create the best experience for you, and it would be my greatest honor if you choose to take me on your real estate journey.